Missional Team FAQ

  1. What’s a Missional Team?

A Missional Team (MT) is a family of missionary servants sent to restore our community by making disciples who make disciples. MTs are small to medium-sized groups (6-30 people) that give us the opportunity to connect throughout the week and to love each other like family as we seek to develop close friendships. They also give us a team of brothers and sisters to serve and serve alongside as we intentionally try to make disciples in our community (Matt. 28:18-20).


  1. When and where do Missional Teams meet?

Our goal is for MTs to become more than just another weekly meeting but become like a family who you regularly spend time with throughout the week. In pursuit of that goal, we have found that it’s best for our MTs to have a regularly scheduled weekly get together. Our MTs can have this regular get together on any day of the week (including Sunday afternoons or Sunday evenings). Wednesday night is a popular evening for most of our MTs. There currently isn’t an official night of the week that all of our MTs meet on. Our MTs meet in the homes of their members. You can find a list of our current MTs including when and where they meet on our website Crossoverbible.org.


  1. What do we do with our kids?

We want to see all of our MTs integrate children into the life of the MT as much as possible. Ideally, our children will feel like they’re a part of the team too. However, there will be times during your weekly get together that it would be best not to have kids present for the actual discussion. MTs have several options to accommodate their children: a MT can have a rotation among the adults to lead a Bible lesson time for the kids while the other adults talk and pray together; MTs can have a brief family Bible lesson with adults and kids over dinner or immediately after dinner and then dismiss the kids to play while the adults continue their discussion and prayer; teams can pay for childcare; or teams can elect to have each team member take care of their own childcare needs. When MTs plan their events and service projects, thinking of ways to get their kids involved will be important. Getting your children involved in living on mission early is a great way to disciple your kids in the ways of Jesus. We also have resources available for MTs that want to lead their children through Bible discussions. And MTs with junior high aged children (6th-8th) that meet on Wednesday nights can send their junior high students to our Crossover Youth Group on the Wednesday nights that they meet.


  1. What does a Missional Team do?

Each MT will have a Missional focus. A Missional focus is the people or place that your team believes God is sending you to. They are the people that you hope to see cross over the line of commitment to trust and follow Jesus Christ. Each year a MT will develop a covenant as a plan of what it will look like for them as a team to live out their identity as a family of missionary servants among their Missional Focus. As teams pray and think through what it will look like for them to live like God’s family, servants of King Jesus, and missionaries sent by the Holy Spirit, they will think through what it looks like to live out these identities through everyday rhythms.


We use the acronym BLESSED to help us remember what those rhythms are.


Begin with Prayer: A commitment to humbly pray for others and to seek God’s direction and power to live a life on mission.

Listen: A commitment to listen to people’s stories and be present in their lives.

Eat: A commitment to enjoy meals with God’s family and the people God is sending you to.

Serve: A commitment to tangibly love people in word and deed.

Share: A commitment to share God’s story and the story of God’s work in your life.

Enjoy Life: A commitment to celebrate and enjoy God’s goodness with God’s family and the people God has called you to.

Downtime: A commitment to rest, be still and let God be God.


Going through the covenant process will shape what each MT does throughout the year as they seek to live like a family of missionary servants.


  1. How will being a part of a Missional team help me grow?

When Jesus called His first disciples (disciple means “learner”), He called them in the context of living on mission (Matt. 4:19). In other words, they learned from Jesus not in a classroom or Bible study, but in the context of everyday life while on mission with Him. Classrooms and Bible studies definitely have their place in the spiritual growth of a believer, but everyday life on mission seems to be the best context for spiritual growth. Jesus was able to do “on the job” training with His disciples (e.g. Luke 10:1-24), and He was able to address areas of growth as they came up in the context of everyday life (e.g. Luke 9:51-56). Classrooms and Bible studies are very useful but give us the opportunity to (inadvertently) hide who we are while attending class or going to the Bible study. A MT pushes us to live everyday life together and helps expose the areas of growth in our lives and puts us in an environment where are brothers and sisters can help us grow in those areas.


One of the main ways that MTs accomplish this is through Huddles. Huddles are groups of 3-5 men or women from the same MT who get together for the purpose of discipleship through the word, prayer, and caring for each other. Huddles will go through the DNA process where they Discover truth from God’s word together; Nurture each other by listening to each other’s struggles to live out the truth of God’s word; and commit to Act on the truth discovered as they process what God is leading you to do through His Spirit. MTs and Huddles together not only place us in environments where our need for growth is most easily seen (on mission) but also in an environment where we receive the truth, encouragement, and support that we need to grow (Huddles).  


  1. Where can I go for more information?

Information about each of our current MTs can be found here. If you would like to talk to someone about joining a MT, please contact Pastor Philip 918-809-7357 or .


  1. How do I figure out which team to join?

The day, time, location, leaders, and Missional focus are listed for every team. If a team’s Missional focus interests you, checking out that team would be a good idea. If you are interested in finding out more about a particular team, you can contact its leader. Have the leader tell you about their Missional focus, their covenant and how their team has decided to live out its identity as a family of missionary servants over the next year. Go to one of their MT weekly get togethers and get a feel for the team.


Even though it is great to find a MT who has a Missional Focus that you are passionate about, you don’t have to be passionate about a particular MT’s Missional Focus in order to join the team. MTs give you the best opportunity to get connected at Crossover and to live out what it means to be the family of God. And as long as you’re doing that in the context of mission, you’re being faithful to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). Joining a team and living on mission could be the way that God helps you discern what Missional Focus you and your family are passionate about. It could even be what God uses to call you to lead a MT someday.


  1. This sounds like a lot of stuff. How do I fit being a part of a Missional Team in my already busy schedule?

Being on a MT will definitely require an adjustment to your schedule, but the primary goal of living on mission everyday is to help people see how the things they are already doing can be done with gospel intentionality rather than adding a bunch of stuff to your life. We all typically eat 21 meals a week. And some of us eat a few more meals than that J. Instead of adding an additional meal, what would it look like to share some of those meals with people from your MT and people from your Missional Focus? It wouldn’t be adding something extra to your life but would cause you to be intentional about adding people to something that you’re already doing.


The more the rhythm of your life fits the rhythm of the rest of your MT members’ lives and the lives of the people in your Missional Focus, the more living on mission will become an everyday thing for you and your family. A helpful exercise is to list all the things you do daily, weekly, and monthly and then prayerfully ask: “How can I add people from my MT to any of these activities?” and “How can I add people from my Missional Focus to any of these activities?” Some activities will be great for adding both at the same time! Once you’ve done this, if your days, weeks, and months are full of activities that you cannot add people to, pray and seek counsel on how you can add margin to your life. We all need enough margin in our lives to have time for Jesus and for good friends. If you don’t have that, God could be challenging you to make some changes.

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